Ken Hom Carbon Steel Wok 32cm


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Bring the best of Asian cuisine into your kitchen with a Ken Hom Wok! The legendary master and herald of Asian cooking has released his own brand of top quality cookware so you too can start your culinary journey.

This traditional carbon steel wok is made from sturdy 1.8mm gauge carbon steel: a strong lightweight material that conducts heat incredibly effectively! Each Ken Hom wok features a beechwood handle with a handy hanging loop and a helper handle for those big family meals. The bottom is flat so it can be used on ceramic and induction stovetops. All Ken Hom woks are metal utensil safe.

With proper care and use, carbon steel woks develop a natural non-stick surface over time through a process known as “seasoning”. Ken Hom Woks must be seasoned before their first use and will then develop its non-stick surface through regular use.

Seasoning instructions are included.

CAUTION: Carbon steel woks are made with a layer of protective wax to prevent rusting before purchase. Remember to completely remove this layer of wax with hot soapy water before you begin the initial seasoning process.

Suitable for all heat sources including induction.

10 year guarantee.

Hand wash only.

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