CDN ProAccurate Meat Thermometer


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The CDN ProAccurate Meat Thermometer ensures perfect results every time you cook. The clear easy-to-read dial is visible through your oven door and features both Celsius and Fahrenheit measurements.

When inserting the meat thermometer, make sure the tip does not touch the bone, as the bone will cook at a different speed and temperature from the meat itself.

CDN measuring tools are designed for absolute accuracy.

  • NSF Certified
  • Measures from 54 to 88°C (also measures in Fahrenheit)
  • Extra large 5.1cm dial
  • 12.7cm stem
  • Waterproof and ovenproof
  • Durable laboratory glass lens
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Safe for commercial dishwashers

5 year limited warranty.

Recalibration instructions can be found on the back of the display card or at

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