Egginton Honing Steel – No. 4 Cut

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Also known as a honing rod or sharpening steel, this tool is used for maintaining the edge of your knife. A honing steel does not sharpen the knife, but instead realigns the edge to extend the time between sharpenings.

This fine cut steel features a sterilisable non-absorbent white polypropylene handle with a 38mm square guard and a stainless steel hanging ring. The rod is made from hard chrome-plated high carbon chrome/vanadium steel for reliable service and durability, hardened to 64° Rockwell.

This is a fine cut steel suitable for knives up to 61° Rockwell. It is strongly recommended you do NOT use a steel with a knife that has a higher Rockwell rating than 61°. This steel is not suitable for use with the Miyabi 5000MCD knives.

30cm honing rod (not including handle).

Hardened to 64° Rockwell.

Proudly made in Sheffield, England, for 140 years, Egginton is a well respected name in butcher’s steels to this day.

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