Wusthof Sharpening Steel 23cm

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Even the best knives eventually dull with regular use. To maintain your knife’s edge for longer, you need a Wusthof Sharpening Steel. A steel works by straightening out the very edge of your blade, meaning it holds its edge for longer.

A sharpening steel (also known as a honing steel) should be at least as long as the knife you are using e.g. a 20cm cook’s knife should be used with a 20cm honing steel, preferably one that is even longer. A steel that is too short will not allow you to hone the knife edge in one movement, making the edge uneven.


  • Hold the steel point-down on a firm surface that will not slip, such as a cutting board or a tea towel. This is the safest way to use a honing steel.
  • Place the knife at approximately 15-20 degrees from the vertical with the heel of the blade touching the steel (this is the end of the blade closest to the handle).
  • Using firm yet gentle pressure, draw the knife back towards you.
  • Repeat this action an equal number of times on each side – five to six passes should be sufficient.
  • For best results, hone your knives once a week if they are used regularly.

Do not use excessive pressure while honing your blade as this may damage the edge and make the knife even more blunt.

We do not recommend using a honing steel with very hard knives with a Rockwell rating of over 60 HRC.

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