Miyabi Knife Sharpener


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Miyabi’s premium grade Japanese knives require the best care when it comes to sharpening, so Miyabi has provided the best pull-through sharpener for their knives.

The twin ceramic rollers have a pre-set sharpening angle to ensure your knife is always sharpened at the optimal angle. And using it is incredibly simple.

First, pull the blade with light pressure through the diamond-coated roller several times to create a new razor-sharp edge. Secondly, follow this by pulling the blade with light pressure through the raw ceramic roller to refine the edge. Now your knife is ready to use.

The Miyabi Knife Sharpener features non-slip silicone feet on the base to create stability for secure use. The ergonomic handle is suitable for right or left handed users, while the guard ensures safe sharpening every time.

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