Zyliss EasyPull Food Processor


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The ultimate tool for chopping, blending, and pureeing, the Zyliss EasyPull Food Processor is a quick and easy way to prep ingredients! With a few pulls you can chop fruits and vegetables in seconds!

Pull 5 times for a coarse chop, 12 times for a fine chop, and 20 times for a pesto!

The patented design features two razor sharp blades for precise even chopping, and two booster arms – one at the top and bottom – to push ingredients back into the path of the blades.

750ml/3 cup capacity.

5 year guarantee.

Dishwasher safe – top rack only (excluding the lid). Hand wash the lid and do not immerse it in water. There is a small removable plug in the lid if water should get inside.

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