de Buyer Swing Plus Mandoline – Black


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One of our personal favourites here at The Scullery Kerikeri, the de Buyer Swing Plus Mandoline is the ultimate cutting machine.

Features include:

  • Four different cutting styles – slicing, julienne, crinkle cut, and waffle cut
  • Extremely precise slicing thanks to a thickness adjustment knob that slices food as fine as 0.5mm thick, up to 1.0cm thick!
  • A double-sided horizontal blade
  • A double-sided julienne blade (4mm or 10mm thick julienne strips)
  • An ergonomic pusher
  • A non-slip folding foot for secure slicing and perfect balance

The pusher has a built-in spring-mounted plate which features spikes and retracting prongs that secure the food while you cut. The pusher can be mounted on a guide that keeps your slicing action straight and true.

The beauty of the de Buyer Swing Plus mandoline is the elegance of the design. The underside of the mandoline is very simple, meaning there are few places for food and water to collect, thus making it a more hygienic machine to use! And best of all, if the blades go blunt or break, spare parts are available to order.

Replacement blades available

Dishwasher safe.

Made in France.

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