Microplane Master Series – Zester Grater

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The easiest way to zest a lemon is to use the zester grater like a violin, running the grater back and forth across the skin.

The Microplane Master series harkens back to the humble beginnings of these incredible cutting tools. The Kentucky-grown walnut handle is a reminder of how the Microplane originated with wood chisels in the inventor’s workshop! The wood is sustainably grown and harvested in the USA.

The blades are made  from razor sharp “photo-etched” steel to create a cutting surface that is second to none. The 18/8 stainless steel frame provides a robust support for the blade and handle that makes these graters a pleasure to use.

Comes with a reusable cover.

To maintain your Microplane Master series grater, periodically condition the handle with mineral oil.

Hand wash only. Do not soak in water.

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