Dreamfram Ograte – Coarse


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Ograte is an innovative two-sided speed grater that works in a circular motion on one side, and an up and down motion on the other. Use the circular grating side for speed grating foods like carrots and zucchinis, and the up-and-down side for super efficient cheese grating. The bright orange non-slip foot provides control while grating on a flat surface and also doubles as a scraper. When you’re done, the unique safety cover securely snaps on to protect both sides of the grater.


  • Bottom side blades grate in a circular motion and includes a guide rim for grating in either direction
  • Top side grates up and down and features an extra-wide plane for large foods like cheese
  • Non-slip foot hooks onto the edge of a bowl for secure grating
  • Slim design takes up minimal space in the drawer
  • Safety cover protects the grating blades and your fingers
  • BPA free construction
  • 25cm long

Dishwasher safe.

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