Avanti Adjustable Non-Stick Roasting Rack


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The Avanti Adjustable Nonstick Roasting Rack cooks poultry and meat evenly and provides consistent heat circulation for better browning and less shrinking.

Featuring a non-stick coating, the rack offers easy release and clean up. The two winged grills form an angular base and adjust to seven positions to firmly hold any sized bird, lamb, beef or joint of pork. Fats drip down into your pan for healthier cooking, allowing the meat to roast to perfection whilst tasty juices can be caught for gravy.

For best results, oil the roasting rack before use. This helps to prevent the delicate skin of poultry from sticking.

  • Non-stick coating
  • Adjustable to 7 positions
  • Allows for even heat circulation and browning
  • Wide handles for easy lifting
  • Folds flat for convenient storage

Hand washing recommended.

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