Zoku Mini Pops


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Zoku Mini Slow Pops are perfect for mini mouths! These little popsicle moulds are just the right size for little appetites. Bring them out for every occasion – family gatherings, parties, beach days, and more!

With Zoku Mini Pops, there’s no need to run the mould under warm water – the silicone moulds invert easily to release your pops promptly! And they’re more than just a popsicle mould – use them for melted chocolate or homemade sweets to make your own lollipops.

Set includes 1 Zoku Mini Slow Pop Mould and 9 sticks with drip guards.

Place the mould in the freezer until your pops are frozen (this is not a Zoku Quick Pop Mould).

BPA and phthalate free.

Hand wash only.

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