Avanti Pizza Stone with Rack 33cm


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Bring a little slice of the pizzeria home to you with an Avanti Pizza Stone!

Made from natural kiln fired clay, this sturdy yet lightweight ceramic disc makes delicious crispy pizzas every time. The stone absorbs excess moisture from the dough and distributes the heat evenly to give you a light crispy crust just like a genuine pizza oven. What’s more, you can use it to bake bread, cookies, tortilla, or even croissants if you’re feeling fancy.

The stainless steel carrying rack lets you move the stone safely from the oven to the benchtop for cutting and serving.

Do not cut directly on the stone.

Suitable for both conventional indoor and outdoor ovens, and gas or charcoal barbeques.

Hand wash only with hot water. Do not use detergent or any form of soap as the stone is porous and can impart a soapy taste to the food during the next use.

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