Staub Cast Iron Chistera Saute Pan 26cm – Black

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The Staub “Chistera” Saute Pan is named after the popular sport in the Basque region. The underside of the lid features an array of nodules shaped like the Chistera racket, which allow moisture to gather on the nodules and rain down over the food during cooking, creating a continuous self-basting effect! This effect seals in moisture, keeping the succulent juices and healthy vitamins in the pan while intensifying the natural flavours of the food.

Staub’s legendary cast iron cocottes are known throughout the world for their supremely elegant design, breathtaking colours, and outstanding cooking performance. Used in some of the top Michelin Star restaurants, you too can enjoy the best of French culinary technology at home with Staub.

Each Staub saute pan has a black matte enamel interior which requires very little seasoning over time, and is highly resistant to staining, scratches, and chips.

The heavy cast iron body is ideal for low heat cooking – cast iron retains heat better than any other material, which means no more hot spots! For best results, heat your Staub saute pan slowly to a low to medium heat.

Each Staub saute pan is made using a sand mould which is destroyed after each pan is complete, which means that every piece of Staub cookware is totally unique.

Wooden, silicone, or nylon utensils are recommended for use with Staub cookware.

Suitable for use on any cooking surface, including induction.

3.3L capacity.

To remove stubborn residue, soak in warm water with a small amount of dishwashing liquid. Bar Keeper’s Friend is also excellent for cleaning enameled cast iron cookware.

Dishwasher safe but handwashing is recommended.

Made in France.

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