de Buyer Blue Steel Frying Pan 32cm


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de Buyer – C’est magnifique!

Fry, sauté, sizzle, and flambé – the de Buyer Blue Steel pans do it all! Blue Steel frying pans are made from genuine carbon steel, creating an ultra-responsive pan that heats up and cools down quickly for maximum versatility. The high sloping sides allow for easy stirring and flipping within the pan and help everything slide right out.

de Buyer’s Blue Steel pans are finer and lighter than their Mineral B pans.

The heavy-duty carbon steel body has been heat treated to create that rich blue colour – this provides a protective finish against rusting and aids in the initial seasoning process. A well-seasoned de Buyer pan will become naturally non-stick, giving you all the benefits of a non-stick surface but with a 100% organic coating.

Full instructions for seasoning your carbon steel pan are included.

Suitable for all cooktops including induction.

Handwash only.

Made in France.

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