Cole & Mason Horsham Inverta Salt Mill

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Cole & Mason’s Horsham Inverta have an ingenious design – they grind upside down, meaning no more mess! The premium copper-coloured finish will look stunning in both modern and traditional kitchen settings.

Cole & Mason’s award-winning Gourmet Precision mills feature a a diamond sharp ceramic mechanism for salt. The ceramic mechanism cuts through salt crystals with ease for precise even grinding. To change the grind setting, simply twist the upper collar to choose your desired¬† grind from 3 pre-selected settings.

To refill, simply turn the mill upside down and unscrew the cap.

To maximise the life of your mills, ALWAYS grind clockwise. Grinding anti-clockwise is not effective, and grinding back and forth will damage the mechanism.

We strongly recommend using only high quality white rock salt suitable for grinders. Other varieties of salt, such as flaky salt, kosher salt, and Himalayan pink salt, are not suitable for this grinder.

Gourmet Precision mills have a lifetime guarantee on the grinding mechanism.

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