PL8 Professional Mandoline


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Slice, julienne, and make fun waffle-cuts with the PL8 Professional Mandoline, the next step in mandoline design. This versatile yet simple device allows you produce evenly cut fruits and vegetables in seconds for consistent cooking and beautiful restaurant quality presentation.

Simply turn the dial to choose between 4 levels of slicing thicknesses, or push the julienne slider to pick between thick and fine julienne cuts. The PL8 Professional Mandoline features all of this plus a fully integrated waffle cut blade – simply lift the cutting ramp and turn the knob to bring the waffle cut blade around which locks into place.

But precision means nothing without safety. This mandoline comes equipped with a hand guard with four built-in prongs to securely hold your food while as the guard glides along the guide rail. It also features a non-slip hand grip for a handy hold and non-slip feet for stable slicing on the benchtop.

The PL8 Professional Mandoline folds away for convenient and easy storage. The slicing plate can be raised and locked into place for safety when not in use.

Dishwasher safe.

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