Avanti Whisky Rocks

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Avanti Whisky Rocks will chill and take the edge off your favourite spirit drink without diluting it. Unlike traditional ice cubes, Avanti Whisky Rocks will not melt, preserving the true flavour of your drink. Cut from high quality quartz, these ingenious cubes are reusable, non-porous, odourless and do not impart any flavours. Their gently rounded shape ensures they will not scratch your favourite glass.

Keep your whisky rocks in the freezer in their velvet pouch. For best results, place them in the freezer 4 hours before you want to sue them. When needed, simply rinse them with water first before dropping 2 or 3 rocks (depending on the desired temperature) into your drink.

Remember to wash your whisky rocks before first use. After use, rinse them with warm water.

  • Cut from high quality Quartz Crystal
  • Dimension: 2 x 2 x 2cm
  • Set includes 9 Whisky Rocks, complete with velvet storage pouch
  • Non-porous – will impart neither flavours nor odours
  • Rounded edges to prevent scratching
  • Reusable

Hand wash only.

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