Lodge Blacklock Cast Iron Skillet 37cm


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The biggest beast in the Blacklock range, this pan is what you reach for when you’ve got to feed the whole family in one go!

The Lodge Blacklock is a revolution in cast iron cookware. Born in the same foundry as the classic Lodge Logic, the people at Lodge worked for five years to improve their timeless design. The result? Cookware that is lighter, triple-seasoned, and just as durable as the original.

Like all Lodge cast iron, Blacklock has natural cooking oil baked onto the surface to create a protective layer that doubles as an easy-release finish. But Blacklock is seasoned three times, making the surface even more naturally non-stick.

Every piece of Blacklock is at least 25% lighter than the equivalent piece in the Lodge Logic range. This means faster heating, easier handling, and less strain on you!

The handles have been redesigned to be longer and finer, meaning they stay cooler for longer (but they still get hot, so do be careful).

Suitable for use on all stovetops, including induction. Raw cast iron like Lodge Logic may also be used on the barbeque or over an open fire.

Made in South Pittsburg, Tennessee, USA.

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