EngelElzen Cast Iron Frying Pan 30cm


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The EngelElzen Cast Iron Pan is a solid cast iron pan made right here in New Zealand. Designed by engineer Carl Engel and well-known chef Michael Van de Elzen, this pan was created to bring you maximum cooking enjoyment whether you’re using a modern induction stove or going old-school on a roaring campfire.

The EngelElzen pan has one special feature that makes it stand out from the competition: the inside of the pan has been machined, creating a super smooth cooking surface that helps to prevent food from sticking and speeds up the seasoning process for that slick natural non-stick surface everyone wants. The bottom of the pan has also been smoothed down, making this pan perfect for induction cooktops.

Each pan also features a helper handle for easier maneuverability and a pouring lip on either side.

Every EngelElzen pan comes with a bamboo pan scrubber and a complimentary tin of EngelElzen Protecting Wax. This wax is made from a combination of beeswax, canola oil, and grapeseed oil. Rub a little of this wax on your pan after every use to create a protective layer and enhance the natural black iron finish. Also included is a set of delicious recipe cards and full seasoning instructions.

Pan Dimensions: 30cm diameter x 6cm deep.

Hand wash only.

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