Avanti Silicone Bowl Scraper

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Scrape every last bit of batter, dough and ingredients from mixing bowls, containers and benchtops with the Avanti Silicone Bowl Scraper. Made from flexible heat-resistant silicone, it is stain resistant and completely safe for use on non-stick surfaces. It features a metal plate core which holds its shape when applying pressure, while the rounded, softer tapered silicone edge conforms to any size bowl. You’ll find convenient measurements printed on both sides, allowing you to quickly convert between cups, spoons, millilitres, grams and ounces.

  • Hygienic and flexible silicone
  • Metal plate core
  • Curved edge efficiently scrapes mixing bowls
  • Stain resistant
  • Heat resistant to 250°C/482°F
  • Suitable for non-stick surfaces
  • Measurement conversions

Dishwasher safe.

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